To Part Means To Die A Little EP

by Chiefland

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Recorded by Chiefland, mixed and mastered by Lewis Johns at The Ranch, Southampton, UK.


released September 8, 2015

Music and words by Chiefland. All rights reserved.



all rights reserved


Chiefland Göttingen, Germany

Away from it all! Into a self-created landscape that leaves the barren behind
and opens up new roads. We all live through sorrow and try to escape from
reality. We all feel the pressure of day-to-day routines, life, love and death.
Chiefland combine these feelings with heavy guitar tunes and melancholic
storytelling – stories about love, loss and a new beginnings in a bleak and twisted world.
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  • Nov 18
    Göttingen, Germany

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Track Name: Canoe
This is the journey of a man
who left everything
to be himself

He left his house
no goodbyes
got in a boat full of hope

Started paddling
started paddling
down the river of endless dreams

As the current got faster
waves crashed in
as the current got faster
waves crashed in
he started struggling

So let it go
and become a new soul
(free from hate, free from hate)

So let go of everything
you know
your heart won't break
down by the riverbanks
just take a chance
and you will see
no more misery

As he got pulled under the water
the man in the green parka
he saw the light through the surface
it touched his soul, he fell apart and gave into his
serenity and his new home
and as his mind raced to find the answer all he could hear was
“welcome home”
Track Name: Seasons
So they found a body
by the waterfall
a man in a parka
they called it a suicide
but I know it's one big lie

So how can we trust
in cowards with narrow minds
the weather has changed
and I know, I know it's time

I know a place
where we can be free
I know it´s hard to see
but please trust me

So they went to the cabin in the woods
to watch the seasons change
through a filthy window frame

Weeks passed and everything was fine
months came und brought new change
(new change)

But then came the day
his idealistic ways
fell apart and he broke her heart
oh broke her heart

'Cause he wanted to go
but she whispered
"oh no"

So he left her in the cabin in the woods
to watch the seasons change
through that filthy window frame

She went to the river
sat by the water
to watch its graceful flow
as nature opened up
her soul

In her mind new words began to form
changing every fibre of her current soul
and transcending her from being a stranger in a mass
to being together with nature at last

And she stepped into the water
let the current run through her
now step into the water
and be free
Track Name: Waterfront
These train tracks lead nowhere
I can't recall where I come from either
detached and out of place
no needle left in my compass

Compassion's dead I've decided
to part ways with my former life
erase all my tracks
photographs, credit cards

How can I be proud of what I built with my own two hands
if it's not built on solid ground?

How can I see the beauty outside of this barren concrete flat
if my eyes are hollowed out?
They're hollowed out

Call it naive and call it a wreck
this is what I believe in

Call me naive and call me a wreck
label me

New train tracks lead here 
and right here where I stand
there shines a light
it shines brighter than your eyes will ever bear to see
so I'll fix this wreck
put it back to water
and sail off to foreign and uncharted lands
let the wind of courage be my vessel
for I am my own compass
I will sail through the night
until dawn

So let me go
I will sail through the night
until dawn
Track Name: Wolfmouth
You say to yourself
I have to move on
new cities, new people, new love and new life

And you say to yourself
this life, this world is wondrous and I can't go on
wasting it on depressing thoughts and an empty heart
I've got wanderlust
I've got wanderlust

And you change from a beast to a wolf
running through the city
running through the country
finding new ways to define yourself
a new world opens up in front of you
and all you have to do is
get up and go
just get up and go

And with every new sun
and every new moon
your soul finds tranquility

So start trusting in yourself
as you're no longer lost
on the road
of finding new love

So don’t look back
you found new love
this is what you were looking for

Now your heart is pure
so stay the course
it's your cure
it´s your cure

This life is grand
yet we waste it like trash
throwing it all onto the streets
we don’t fight anymore
for what we believe in
we sit in the darkness
thinking this is life
but believe me
this is hell
oh this is hell
this is hell
this is hell

And we are the wolves
we are the wolves
not running in packs
separated from the rest
we are separated

We crippled ourselves so long ago
and fell in dark and deep hardships
and as we burn our bridges
we are truly and utterly lost